Spa Treatment Price List

All prices are quoted in US Dollars and  include 17% VAT
Gratuity Is Welcomed For Your Service Provider
Prices Subject To Change Without Notice

TREATMENT30 Min60 Min80 Min90 Min
Jet Lag Massage$64.35---
Swedish Massage-105.30146.25
Couples Massage-$210.60-$292.50
Sports Massage-$105.30$146.25
Deep Tissue Massage-$105.30$146.25
Aromatherapy Massage-$105.30$146.25
Reflexology Massage-$105.30--
Indian Head Massage$64.35---
Mango or Ginger Hot Stone Massage--$152.10-
Inch Loss Body Wrap---$146.25
Black Baltic Mud Wrap---$146.25
Acti-Sea Weed Wrap---$146.25
Signature Herbal Wrap---$175.50
Nevis Therapeutic Massage$111.15$152.10
Sea Salt Glow$105.30$146.25
Shea Butter Massage$105.30$146.25
Mango Sea Salt Glow$105.30$146.25
Tropical Fruit Massage$105.30$146.25
Essence of Rain Massage$105.30$146.25
Collagen Facial--$152.10-
Back Treatment-$105.30-
European Deep Cleansing Facial--$140.40-
Paraffin Facial-$105.30-
Ginseng & Pearl Facial--$140.40-
Oxygen Facial-$105.30 --
Cryogenic Facial--$140.40
Warm Stone Manicure-$52.65--
Relaxing Manicure-$40.95--
Paraffin Manicure-$52.65--
Warm Stone Pedicure-$70.20--
Relaxing Pedicure-$64.35--
Paraffin Pedicure-$70.20--
House Call Massages (per person)$110.00$150.00
Waxing Services
Eyebrow Waxing$11.70Under Arm Waxing$23.40
Lip Waxing$11.70Full Arm include under arm58.50
Face Waxing$23.40Full Leg$87.75
Bikini Waxing$29.25 - $52.65Half Leg$52.65
Back Waxing-$58.50
Waxing Services
Polish Change (Hands)$17.55French Polish Change (Hands)$23.40
Polish Change (Feet)$23.40French Polish Change (Feet)$29.25
Hair Care (Availability Only)
& Blow Dry