Indulge yourself in the grandeur and serenity of our  Spa and Massage services and go away floating in a state of supreme relaxation.

We have a variety of massages and therapies that cater for every specific need that you may have.

Please see the Spa Treatment Price List for pricing information.

service1Deep Tissue Massage

This is an invigorating massage, therapist will use applied pressure to trigger points along your body to break up lactic acid and build up and muscle tension.

Note: Please discuss pressure depth with your therapist for maximum comfort.


This is an ancient art in which massage is used in aromatherapy both to assist the passage of essential oils into the body and to accentuate their therapeutic effects. Alone massage can relax muscles, enabling the blood and lymph to flow more freely, and soothe the mind. When these benefits are combined with the healing powers of essential oils the results can be outstanding.

service20Swedish /Remedial Massage

This is an invigorating massage utilizing a combination of movements including long strokes, pressing and kneading with light to medium pressure.


This is a completely safe form of therapy. It works on the principle that there are reflex areas of the feet, which correspond to all of the glands, organs and parts of the body.

This is done by applying pressure using the thumbs and fingers to the reflex points of the body in the foot in order to re-establish energy flow while promoting relaxation and stress relief.

service6Sports Massage

This is a natural therapy; in its much form it has existed for many thousands of years. This may be an invigorating massage alternating both gentle and powerful pressure to bring instant relief to tense muscles and sore joints and enhance deep relaxation. It is advisable for a sportsman to have a massage follow the hardest of training sessions, then followed by one or two days of lighter training. This can improve condition of muscles and help prevent injury.

service8Couples Massage

Double the pleasure and increase your enjoyment when you and your companion enjoy the Swedish massage in the same room.

service9Mango or Ginger & Lemon Grass Hot Stone Massage

This is a purely safe form of therapy, which not only promotes deep relaxation, but also stimulates the circulatory system and promotes self- healing. Warm tendons will loosen faster and stretch further, your muscles will also relax and soften.

With the warm stones and the technique of the massage you will benefit improvement of the metabolic rate and detoxification of the body. This is an excellent treatment and has many benefits not only physically but mentally too.

service2Indian Head Massage

This is a purely safe form of therapy, which not only promotes hair growth but also provides stress relief, aiding the reduction of aches and pains. The head, neck, and shoulders are liable to hold tension, usually caused by stress. This can lead to feelings of stiffness in the neck and shoulders, or eyestrain, and on occasion hair loss. With the firmness of the massage your will benefit from stress relief with the un-knotting of muscles, with the effects working not only physically but mentally too.

service10Salt Glow

Experience the restorative and hydrating powers of the invigorating salt scrub and enjoy a pleasurable departure of dead cells from the body. The salt give skin a healthy look, gentle exfoliates dry dead skin for a refreshed and radiant glow and maximizes circulation letting skin breath while optimizing the benefits of moisturizer application. Suitable for dry skin.

service22Shea Butter Massage

Ahh – Shea Butter, all the way from Africa. All your dry dead cells are buffed away with an aroma body scrub to prepare skin for benefits of the shea butter that is melted and massaged gently into your skin making it very soft and well nourished. Suitable for all skin types.

service11Back Treatment

This is a popular treatment by which a purifying mask or paraffin wax for a therapeutic back treatment is applied. The purifying mask is for one who suffers with congested backs, causing comedones, spots etc. giving a hidden back. The paraffin wax is for a therapeutic back treatment, which aid to those suffering with arthritis rheumatism and backache.

service23Inch Reducing Body Wrap

This is a unique body treatment technique used increasingly by modern therapist to help clients achieve inch loss, cellulite reduction and give increased confidence in their appearance. It gives you an incentive to start a calorie controlled diet. The vigorous massage technique helps to increase the circulation stimulating lymphatic drainage. The firmly wrap bandages helps to compress cellulite fat and increase the expulsion of toxins.

service12Baltic Mud Wrap

Your skin will be gently exfoliated and a warm Baltic body mud will be applied. Your body will be wrapped for 25 minutes in a mylar sheet to keep you warm while you enjoy the benefits of a scalp massage. The mud removes debris and impurities to restore healthy hydration through hydrated organic colloidal black silts from European fresh water lakes. After you rinse the mud from your body your skin would be breathing and feeling energize as the treatment finishes with a relaxing massage.

service5Acti-Seaweed Wrap

Your skin will be gently exfoliated then warm acti-sea body mud will be applied. You will be wrapped for 25 minutes in a mylar sheet to keep you warm while you enjoy the benefits of a scalp massage. This mud Stimulates, firms and moisturizes the body with its seaweed blend. It also aid to stimulate the thyroid gland for slimming, increasing vasodilatation for decongestion and waste elimination, protect and regulate cellular moisture exchanges, rebalance and restore proper hydration, and protect future exposure by fighting free radicals. You then rinse the seaweed from your body leaving your skin well nourished breathing and feeling great while you drift away in a relaxing massage.

service18K.I.S Herbal Wrap Signature Treatment

Begin with a taste of freshly brewed Nevisian bush tea. Your entire body will then be wrapped in a warm fleecy linen, soaked in a herbal brew. Detoxify, relax, cleanse and refine your body all at once while you receive a divine coconut oil head massage. You are then unwrapped and your skin will be hydrated with a relaxing sugar cane massage. Your treatment ends with a mini foot reflexology. Before you say “I’ll be back,” a taste of fresh sugar cane sticks or coconut jelly water will be sampled. (seasonal) Advance notice required.

service19Tropical Island Tonic (Body Wrap)

Enjoy a harvest of sweet tangerines and oranges in our refreshing Tropical Citrus Collection. Uplifting and fresh, this delightful sorbet of sweet citrus essences is for the young at heart. Entwined with fresh island honey we create a tonic for your skin. Fist your skin is gentle exfoliated with a citrus scrub then a warm tropical citrus tonic is applied to the body. You will be wrapped for 25 minutes in a mylar sheet to keep you warm while you enjoy the benefits of a scalp massage. Once the product is rinsed from the body you will receive a relaxing butter massage.

service13Oxygen Facial

The Oxygen Facial is the ideal therapy for your skin. The skin is oxygenated which thoroughly cleans pores; increase blood circulation, and lightens hyper pigmentation. The Oxygen facial gives you amazing skin, illuminated with a warm, healthy glow.

service4Paraffin Facial

Nourish and soften the skin with the unique paraffin facial. After cleansing and toning, warm gentle paraffin mask is applied. Relax while the power of the mask destroys free radicals, stimulates collagen and cell turnover plus hydrates the skin. After removal of the paraffin, see the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles disappear and the beautiful, healthy glow emerges.

service15European Deep Cleansing Facial

This is an excellent treatment that aims to improve the appearance and condition of the skin.This is a totally relaxing experience for you, it consist of cleansing, toning, exfoliating, a facial massage, and mask to suit the skin type. From the facial massage you will benefit an increase in oxygen and nutrients to the skin and muscles, relieve of tension and fatigue improves texture of the skin and definitely total relaxation.

service14Ginseng & Pearl Hydrating Facial

After your cleanse and tone you would be gently exfoliated with a gromage peel. Next a soft modeling mask of ginseng and pearl powder is applied. Your skin will feel cool as the mask takes form, hydrating and rejuvenating the skin. Excellent for all skin types, this unique treatment leaves the skin glowing.

service16Cryogenic Marine Facial

An outstanding treatment with immediate results| Following your cleanse and tone a marine enzyme peel is applied to provoke a gentle exfoliation and allow for better penetration of the mask. Next, the algae based mask is mixed with essential oils and vitamins and applied to the skin. Relax under the pleasant cooling sensation as the mask hardens and ingredients seep into the skin. Excellent for all skin types, this treatment leaves the skin feeling hydrated, firm and revitalized.

service17Collagen Facial

An energized collagen mask is applied for 30 minutes for an intensive moisturizing treatment to fight against premature aging, wrinkles and slackening of the skin. Relax while the power of the collagen molecules seeps into the pores and see the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles disappear and the beautiful, healthy glow emerges.

service3Men’s Fitness Facial

This customized facial provides deep pore cleansing and toning to restore fitness and vitality to a man’s complexion. Now is the time for you to get rid of that dull look. Begin with a relaxing exfoliation, cleanse and tone, next an enzyme treatment steamed into your skin to help remove impurities and definitely revitalize your skin tone. A cooling mask is applied and massaged into the skin for best results. Finish your treatment with an oil-free moisturizer that hydrates and protect without clogging your pores.

service24Nevis Therapeutic Massage – (Signature Massage)

Drift away with Ginger and Lemon Grass oil as we massage your calves, thighs and back muscles then we bring you back slowly with Eucalyptus oil as we massage your feet, legs, thighs, arms, neck and shoulder. We finish with a coconut oil head massage. Excellent for aches and pains. 60 minutes or 90 minutes